Access control systems for business

Our access control systems create a constant, physical barrier for times when your alarm is switched off, and are easily integrated with intruder alarms and CCTV solutions. They also remove the need for mechanical keys, which can fall into the wrong hands when misplaced or lost, meaning the headache of issuing replacements and an expensive change of locks..

How does our system work?

At the simplest level, Our Access Control System communicates between your door readers, electronic locks and access control panel to give you a bird’s-eye view your entire setup.


Simplified Enrollment

Manage people intelligently Access control makes it simple to gather full records of staff, contractor and visitor data, and analyse these using advanced built-in report features.

Emergence Exit

Access solutions tailored to every business There are many reasons why a business might want to ensure people can exit their premises, such as in the event of fire or other risks. Our door access systems can be designed to meet these requirements, while maintaining the security of high risk areas that are critical to your business.

Multipurpose Access

One card, multiple uses with canteen or vending machines for cashless vending, and also for printers, scanners and copy machines to ensure they’re only used by authorised staff.

Health & safety

Access control systems can play a crucial role in helping reduce the risk to staff and visitors, by restricting the access to unsafe environments – such as workshops and places where hazardous materials, machinery and vehicles are found – to authorised and trained staff only.

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