Our Story

2008, my father’s house got burnt when no one was home ,

2009, my dad died late evening  because there was no vehicle that hour,
2015, my rented apartment got flooded loosing everything and finally,
2017, all electronic devices destroyed at home were during a heavy raining day.


With over 10 years experience in the security and specialised systems in today’s industry, Winilab are able to give a comprehensive service for all your requirements.

Winilab are the ultimate trusted advisers and pride ourselves on being forward thinking, always keeping up to date with the latest industry standards, technology & health & safety requirements.

Our dedicated team have vast experience and expertise across the security industry, enabling us to provide reliable advice and guidance.

Whether standalone or a fully integrated solution, we understand that no two situations are the same and will construct a seamless and tailored solution suited to your specific requirements.

Winilab cover all sectors of work, from commercial and the public sector to local businesses and domestic homes.

What if I got a smoke sense alert in 2008, or my Dad pressed a Nurse and Ambulance Call with a single button in 2009, or even got a flood alert immediately water entered my apartment in 2015 and what if I had electronic device protector in 2017. I am very sure all these sad and painful moments would have been avoided. This is why Winilab was born so one will experience my past. … ‘Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others. Quoted by Otto von Bismarck .

Mark Awinipoya Apolala

founder , winilab